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Cimarron Hills, CO

Cimarron Hills is an unincorporated community in Colorado Springs, CO. It is part of the Colorado Springs, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is an affluent, residential neighborhood with many parks, restaurants, and shops. This community has been a thriving, family-friendly place to live since its founding in the late 1800s.

The Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad built the main line between Limon and Colorado Springs through Cimarron Hills. The Rocky Mountain Rocket provided passenger service from 1939 to 1966. Later, the Cadillac and Lake City Railroad provided service between Cimarron Hills and Limon. The tracks were eventually removed in the 1980s, but the railroad grade is still visible on aerial images.

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Homes in Cimarron Hills are priced affordably, yet offer convenient access to downtown, military bases, and the Colorado Springs Airport. The Department of Defense is one of the largest employers in the area, and there are two school districts in the neighborhood. Residents can choose between Colorado Springs School District 11 or Falcon School District 49.

Real estate in Cimarron Hills is made up of medium-sized homes and high-rise apartment complexes. There is a mix of renters and owners in this neighborhood. This indicates a demand for price increases and new construction. However, the average vacancy rate in Cimarron Hills is lower than in most neighborhoods in the U.S.

Cimarron Hills is located in central Colorado and is 65 miles south of Denver. The climate in the city is temperate, with the highest temperatures occurring in July and August. The neighborhood is surrounded by mountains. Those living in Cimarron Hills speak English, and many people are bilingual.

The Cimarron Hills neighborhood has a low crime rate and is a great place to live if you want to live in a quaint, safe neighborhood. It is a safe, walkable, and college-friendly neighborhood. Residents who are interested in education can consider enrolling in a nearby Colorado Springs Christian School.

The community is home to many parks and amenities. For recreation, Cimarron offers a nine-hole executive golf course and a miniature course. Additionally, the Cimarron EastRidge Park provides a playground and athletic fields. There are many restaurants and shopping opportunities in the area. The community is also near the Powers Corridor.

The city is home to 18,500 people and is a more expensive suburb than Fountain. Residents can also enjoy parks in the area, including Mosko Park and the Lost Island Adventure Park. In addition, the commute to downtown is only 15 minutes, if traffic is light. So, if you’re looking for a new home, consider Cimarron Hills.

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