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Fort Carson, CO

Fort Carson is home to a variety of educational institutions and recreational opportunities. For those with children, the Fort Carson School Support Services office is an excellent resource for school information and services. The office provides guidance on home schooling and special education resources. It also coordinates youth sponsorship programs to match incoming students with local children.

Fort Carson is comprised of several distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood features its own unique demographics and lifestyles, including a high proportion of military personnel and clerical workers. Fort Carson is also home to a diverse mix of people, with a majority earning their living in manufacturing and farming occupations. There is also a high proportion of fast food and sales jobs, but only 7.7% of people in Fort Carson work in professional occupations.

Nearby communities include Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument, Pueblo, Widefield, and Black Forest. During the height of the Second World War, over 100 thousand volunteer soldiers trained at Fort Carson. The site also became a major training location for Army units, including the 104th Mountain Infantry Division. At the same time, it also hosted a tank engine depot.

Fort Carson is home to four elementary schools and one middle school. High school students attend the Fountain-Fort Carson High School. While Colorado Springs is known for its expensive real estate market, Fort Carson rents far below that. Two-bedroom apartments cost an average of $1,396. The monthly cost of living in Fort Carson is between $1,377 and $2,019 for an enlisted person. The BAH for an O1 without dependents starts at $1,707 and goes up to $2280 for an O7 with dependents.

Fort Carson is home to a diverse population of individuals. The United States Census Bureau has classified more than half of the people in Fort Carson as employed. The remaining half of the population is unemployed or looking for work. For more detailed information on the labor market, you can also consult the Labor Force Participation Rate. This statistic will give you a better idea of the area’s overall employment situation.

The US Army established Fort Carson as a defense installation in 1942. The site is now home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which oversees US and Canadian airspace. In addition, it assesses potential attacks from space. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. government decided to establish Camp Carson to provide manpower for military units in the area. Colorado Springs city purchased the land for the base in January 1942. Construction was completed in 1942.

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If you are planning to move to Fort Carson, you should consider visiting nearby Penrose. This city has many attractions, including a zoo, state parks, art centers, and an historic riverwalk. Penrose is also home to Aiken Canyon, a 1621-acre wildlife preserve. Depending on your budget, Penrose real estate prices can range from $179,000 for a three-bedroom, two-bath home to $240,000.

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