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How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

“I want to keep up with my air conditioner’s maintenance. How does an air conditioner work, and how do I keep mine healthy?”

Air conditioners come in all shapes, sizes, models, and brands. While they all work a little bit differently and have different needs, all air conditioners require maintenance, care, and repairs every once in a while. So then, how does an air conditioner work, and how can I keep mine healthy for years to come? We’re going to answer this question, as well as a few others, in this blog post!

New around here? We’re a team of HVAC experts based in Colorado Springs, and we’re on a mission to educate people about their HVAC units. We want people to be able to understand their HVAC units better so they can confidently take care of them in the future. So, let’s find out: how does an air conditioner work? Then, we’ll talk about how you can best take care of your air conditioner. We’ll even tell you how you can get your unit inspected by an HVAC professional for free!

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First, how does an air conditioner work?

There are many different brands of air conditioners, and many of them work just a little bit differently from one another. However, all air conditioners operate on the same basic premise. All air conditioners cool your home or place of business by removing heat and humidity from the building. So, rather than adding cold air, your air conditioner actually removes hot air, therefore cooling your home or office down in the process.

What are the various parts of an air conditioner?

So, how does an air conditioner work internally? What has to happen in order to cool your home or office?

Your air conditioner is made up of a few basic parts: a compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil. These three components interact with a chemical component, known as “refrigerant.” They convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid and then back again.

The compressor raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant gas and then sends it to the condenser coil where it is converted into liquid. The liquid refrigerant then cools the evaporator coil and the refrigerant evaporates in the process. During this process, a fan blows air across the chilled evaporator coil where the indoor heat is absorbed, and the chilled air is then circulated throughout the home. This cycle is repeated until your home or office has reached the ideal temperature.

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How do you keep your air conditioner healthy?

Your air conditioner may sound simple enough, but it has many intricate moving parts. If one part goes bad, then the entire unit will suffer and eventually break down completely. One of the best ways to keep your unit healthy is by having it inspected and serviced at least once per year. This will prevent wear and tear from building up and causing serious damage.

Has it been more than a year since you had your air conditioner looked at? It’s time to get it checked! We’d be happy to take a look at your unit for free! Like we mentioned earlier, we’re a team of HVAC professionals based in COS. If you’re a homeowner or a business owner in central Colorado, then we’d love to handle all of your A/C needs. Claim your free inspection today!

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