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Heating and Cooling Services With a Veteran Difference

Falling Star Heating and Cooling Provides Fantastic HVAC Support for Colorado

If you live in Fountain, CO, or anywhere else in the fantastic state of Colorado, you know that summers become sweltering while winters go totally frigid. Typically, your heating and cooling help protect you from grave danger, but you never know when your HVAC system might fail. As a result, you need to find a team with experienced technicians you know you can trust.

Falling Star is Always Waiting to Help You

Trust Us As Your Fountain HVAC Company and Team

As the most trusted El Paso County HVAC technicians, we serve not just Fountain but Black Forest, Colorado Springs, Falcon, Manitou Springs, Monument, Peyton, Security-Widefield, and Woodland Park, CO. Our veteran-owned team is proud to serve Colorado and bring our military precision to you with:

Customer Service You Can Trust

Beyond our dedication to El Paso County, we bring fantastic customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, five-star service quality, and the Best Star Promise to all our work. Even better, our three-tier service plan provides exceptional maintenance at more than reasonable prices.

24/7 Services Whenever You Need Us

When things go wrong with your heating and cooling units, it always seems to be at the worst time. Your AC shuts down on the hottest day of the year, or your furnace goes out when temperatures are at their lowest. Call Falling Star for 24/7 assistance you can rely on.

Technicians Who Like Solving HVAC Issues

Our ex-military team is in the business of helping people because it’s what we were born to do. We’re also smart problem-solving professionals and highly skilled technicians who love a good heating and cooling challenge. Reach out to us today to get help at your home or business.

Falling Star is Your HVAC Team of Choice

Fountain, CO, HVAC Services With a Difference

At Falling Star Heating and Cooling, we’re more than ready to help Fountain, CO, residents get the dependable heating, reliable air conditioning, and 24/7 emergency HVAC service they deserve from experienced technicians who know how to guarantee excellent customer satisfaction with fantastic competitive pricing that saves you good money working with us. As a veteran-owned company with a built-in need to help, we’re here to serve you as we served the nation years ago.

High-Quality Heating and Cooling With a Difference

Falling Star Heating and Cooling Provide Dependable Heating Options

Falling Star focuses on providing trustworthy heating and cooling services that keep your home safe. We take our service seriously and know that Fountain, CO, residents need HVAC experts who can give dependable heating repair and replacement along with 24/7 emergency HVAC from experienced technicians with fantastic customer satisfaction with competitive pricing. We can help you with:

Furnace Services

Fountain residents need high-quality furnaces to keep their homes safe and cozy during the winter. If yours starts acting up and showing insubordination, just contact the only veteran-owned HVAC crew in El Paso County.

Boiler Services

The best boilers help our friends in Fountain keep their homes warm. Designed as a robust supplementary heating option, Falling Star loves working on boilers and will help you in any way possible to ensure efficiency and safety for your home.

Heat Pump Services

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps provide Colorado residents with more warmth to ensure their houses are comfortable. As a veteran-owned HVAC company, we know how cold it can feel when winter hits its stride. Let us help you keep your heat pumps running smoothly.

Ductless Mini Split Services

As a veteran-owned team, we know it’s hard to please everybody. Your kids might like it warmer in their bedrooms than you, making it even harder to satisfy everyone. Ductless mini splits provide zone-based heating and cooling that can save you money on your HVAC bills.

We Truly Love Working With Colorado Residents

Colorado Air Conditioning Service With a Smile

Keeping your Fountain home cool is essential when summer gets intense. With temperatures of well over 100 degrees rocking even us in our shoes, Colorado summers can be devastating without reliable air conditioning. Falling Star Heating and Cooling can keep your system strong by providing installation, maintenance, and repairs with:

24/7 Emergency HVAC Service

If you’re worried about your HVAC system going out on you, our team at Falling Star will ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently for your needs.

Expert Technicians Who Care

Like all of our work, you’ll get paired with experienced technicians focused on high customer satisfaction for the HVAC support you need.

Competitive Pricing for All

We also offer competitive pricing thanks to our Best Price Promise and our maintenance of Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Work Backed By Veteran-Owned Pride

As a country-first veteran-owned company, it’s critical to us to provide El Paso County with the support it needs to keep its air cool and safe.
That’s because we think of you as our family and want to do right by you, no matter what. We’ll sit down and discuss potential AC problems, highlight their cost, plan your budget, and much more. With the support of our military-level crew of experts, ensure you get the HVAC support you need, whether in installation, maintenance, repair, or complete replacement.

Reliable and Affordable Heating and Cooling for Fountain

Dependable El Paso Country HVAC Service That Suits You

Wherever you live in Fountain, Falling Star Heating and Cooling can provide dependable service. Serving El Paso County has helped us build a strong knowledge of HVAC service needs, including things like:

Five-Star Service You Can Trust

Why Fountain Residents Fell In Love With Falling Star

Falling Star Heating and Cooling is easily the most trusted HVAC team in Fountain, CO. Check out our online reviews if you don’t believe us! Five-star reviews and gold-star rankings from just about everybody! What makes Falling Star such an excellent heating and cooling crew? We genuinely care about the area and are both veteran-owned and Christian. 


As a result, we work hard to provide reliable air conditioning, dependable heating, and 24/7 emergency HVAC service that we give our family. Our experienced technicians received hands-on training and know how to improve customer satisfaction through high-quality work. Even better: our Best Price Promise guarantees competitive pricing El Paso County trusts.

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Plans Designed for Your Needs

Service Plans Fountain Residents Trust to Save Real Money

As a veteran-owned company, we’re not afraid to work. We definitely put in the hours as soldiers and love getting into the nitty gritty of HVAC service. In fact, our experienced technicians love working so much that we created a maintenance system with three tiers designed to help you save money. Silver, Gold, and Platinum star plans make it easier to set up the regular upkeep you need with a team you can trust to do right by your budget.

Silver Star

$ 20 Month
  • FREE furnace tune-up (save $105)
  • FREE AC tune-up (save $105)
  • Priority scheduling
  • 5% off repairs
  • Discounts on installations and replacements

Gold Star

$ 25 Month
  • FREE system diagnostics (save $105)
  • FREE emergency services (save $250)
  • FREE furnace tune-up (save $105)
  • FREE AC tune-up (save $105)
  • Priority scheduling
  • 15% off repairs
  • Discounts on installations and replacements

Platinum Star

$ 100 Month
  • FREE air duct cleaning
  • FREE system diagnostics (save $105)
  • FREE emergency services (save $250)
  • FREE furnace tune-up (save $105)
  • FREE AC tune-up (save $105)
  • Priority scheduling
  • 15% off repairs
  • Discounts on installations and replacements

If you’ve been wishing on a (falling) star to make your central AC or new furnace dreams real, our HVAC team will make your wish come true. Falling Star Heating and Cooling offers financing options to make your heating and cooling needs happen.

Falling Star is Always on Standby Waiting to Talk With You

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Falling Star Heating and Cooling is the kind of veteran-owned HVAC team Fountain, CO, residents need for dependable heating and reliable air conditioning assistance. With our 24/7 emergency HVAC help from experienced technicians, our competitive pricing with the Best Price Promise, and our Silver, Platinum, and Gold star maintenance, we have your back! Falling Star’s customer satisfaction is at a perfect five-star rating, making us the most popular El Paso County HVAC team.