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Rock Creek Park, CO

Rock Creek, Colorado is a suburban community of just over 6,000 people located between Boulder and Denver. It’s a fairly small town, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do in Rock Creek, CO. Explore the outdoors by hiking through the area’s numerous trails, or get more intimate by checking out some local art exhibits at the nearby Visual Arts Center of the Rockies. The shops are also fantastic here and you’ll find everything from antique stores to boutiques–think high-end designers and local artisan shops. No matter what you love doing, you’re sure to find an enjoyable event or activity in this hidden gem of a suburb.


Hiking in Fountain CO

One of the best ways to explore a new place is by hiking. There are several great trails in Rock Creek, CO and nearby areas, so you won’t be stuck doing the same thing all the time. Most of the trails are easy and dog-friendly, so you and your furry companion can both have a great time exploring the area. The Frying Pan Loop trail is a great place to start if you’re looking to get in some cardio while also learning about the natural environment. It’s located near the town center, so you can make it part of your daily walk or run. If you’re more of a cardio and hiking person, there are also several other trails in the area that are great for that.

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Biking in Fountain CO

Biking is a great way to explore a new town, especially if you’re a city dweller who misses the open road. There are several bike trails in and near Rock Creek, CO that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. The Frying Pan area is home to a series of small bike parks that are perfect for practicing your skills and getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to biking. There are also several nearby bike paths that should also be good for beginners. The bike trails also make for a great way to exercise without having to worry about traffic.


Shopping in Rock Creek, Colorado

There are several great shops in and around Rock Creek, Colorado to check out when you want to go shopping. If you’re more of a vintage kind of person, the Renegade Run Antique Emporium is a must-visit. There are also several high-end boutiques to check out in nearby Boulder, like the Sink or Swim swimwear store, which is known for its one-piece swimsuits. There are also several local farmers’ markets in town that should offer you a variety of fresh, local produce and products.

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Cultural Events in Fountain CO

While you’ll find plenty of hiking and biking trails in Fountain, there are a few cultural events that are great to check out, too. The Visual Arts Center of the Rockies is a great place to see local artwork, including paintings and photography. If you’re more into live music, there are several nearby venues that draw crowds, including The Walnut Room and the Boulder Theater. You can also check out some great art classes, like the one offered by Colorado Community College.



If you’re looking for a small town to explore in Colorado, look no further than Rock Creek. This suburb is home to just over 6,000 people, but it feels like a much smaller town. You’ll find plenty of outdoor activities, boutique shopping, and some great cultural events to keep you busy. Whether you’re just visiting for a weekend or you want to make it your new home, this is a suburb you won’t want to miss.

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