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Skinners, CO

Skinners is a town in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, United States. The town was originally incorporated as Wardet’s Town in 1887 and later became Skinnersville in 1901. It is named after Elijah Skinner who settled the area around 1874 and later opened a tannery. When the town was incorporated as Skinners, it also became known for its dairies, which are still an important part of the local economy today. Today, Skinners has three neighborhoods within it: Quarterline, The Retreat at Skinners and Eastgate. It is situated about 9 miles north of Colorado Springs. In the 2000 census, the town had a population of 1,593 with 489 households and 314 families residing in the town itself. The density of the population was 647 inhabitants per square mile which is below than average compared to other places in Colorado Springs (1300).


Important People From Skinners, CO

Elijah Skinner – Skinner was a German immigrant who settled in the area around 1874 and opened a tannery. Skinner built his first home in the town in 1875. The Skinners home was also a tannery. Skinner died in 1899 but the tannery remained in operation until 1930. Lyle and Jeanette Lyle – The Lyle’s bought the Skinners dairy in 1975 and changed the name to Lyle Farms. The Lyle’s expanded the milk-cow herd to 2,000 cows and used some of the milk to make Skinners milk and yogurt. In 2009, the Lyle’s sold the business. Garry and Mary Ann Wright – Garry Wright grew up on a farm in the southwest corner of Colorado and went to college in Nebraska. He returned to Colorado to run the family farm. Wright and his wife Mary Ann bought the Skinners dairy in 1984 and renamed the business Wright Farms Dairy. The Wrights retired in 1988 and sold the dairy.

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Fun Facts about Skinners, Colorado

– Skinners is home to the Colorado Milk Research Institute, which is the only dairy research center in the state. – Skinners is known as the “Pebble Capital” of Colorado because of the thousands of pebble-like rocks found in the area. -Skinners is a part of the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area. -The dry weather in Skinners makes it a popular area for outdoor activities. – Skinners is also a popular place for golfers. There are two golf courses in the area. -Skinners has a volunteer fire department. – Skinners has a public library. – There is also a Skagit Regional Airport in the town. – The town of Skinners is surrounded by Fort Carson military base. – Skinners is also home to numerous hiking and mountain biking trails.


5 Things to do in Skinners, Colorado

– Explore the historic town, hike the many trails in the area, visit the Colorado Milk Research Institute, golf at the two courses, or enjoy the many outdoor activities in the area. – Visit the Lyle Farms Dairy, the Wright Farms Dairy, or the Colorado Wine and Grape Center. – Experience the many annual festivals in the area. These include the Sled Dog Races, the Strawberry Festival, the Apple Festival and the Christmas Tree Festival. – Stay at the many bed and breakfasts in the area. – Take a tour of the many sites in Colorado Springs. The Garden of the Gods, mountains surrounding Colorado Springs, the Peterson Air Force Base, and the United States Air Force Academy are some of the things to see in the area.



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