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Stratmoor Hills, CO

Stratmoor Hills Location and Address

Stratmoor Hills is located in Fountain, Colorado, which is conveniently located just off of US 6, between Colorado Mountain College and Colorado Western College. Stratmoor Hills is just east of the town of Fountain and north of the city of Colorado Springs. The neighborhood is in close proximity to the Fountain Town Center, which is the focal point of all of the beautiful shops and restaurants that Fountain has to offer. This location makes it easy to easily visit the many nearby state parks, shopping, and recreational opportunities. Stratmoor Hills is also close to the US 24/60 corridor, which provides easy access to the rest of Colorado and neighboring states. The address for Stratmoor Hills is 736 North Lakeside Dr., Fountain CO 80140.


Why Live in Stratmoor Hills?

Stratmoor Hills is an award-winning community in Colorado Springs that is an attractive option for families that want a quiet, secluded but still close-to-city lifestyle. The community is surrounded by lush green parks, a lake and mountain views. You’ll find the amenities you need to maintain a busy lifestyle, including excellent schools, a diverse selection of restaurants and shopping nearby, and easy access to a variety of recreational activities. With a population of just under 5,000 people, Stratmoor Hills is a relatively small community, making it more intimate than many other areas of Colorado Springs. Residents enjoy community events and activities such as concerts and festivals at Memorial Park, bike and walking paths, and a city pool. A strong and growing youth sports scene keeps kids active and engaged. Stratmoor Hills also has a large selection of single-family homes, which are an efficient choice for families who desire more space than an apartment or condo.

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What You’ll Find in Stratmoor Hills

A community pool and basketball court – A family-friendly community like Stratmoor Hills welcomes residents who want to get outdoors and have fun. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to explore nearby state parks and mountain ranges. Stratmoor Hills is close to the Fountain Valley State Park, a day-use park that has hiking trails, fishing, and picnicking opportunities. A diverse selection of restaurants – There are plenty of options for those who enjoy a casual meal with friends or family. From casual eateries to gourmet dining, Stratmoor Hills has a variety of options for guests of all budgets. A variety of shops and retailers – Stratmoor Hills is home to a wide variety of shops and retailers, including a grocery store, drug store, hardware store, and several boutiques.



Final Thoughts

Stratmoor Hills is a hidden gem in Colorado’s Fountain Valley. Stratmoor Hills is a master planned community located in close proximity to downtown and all of the activities that Fountain offers. This little-known neighborhood has so much to offer, and if you’re looking for something different in Fountain, look no further than Stratmoor Hills.

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