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What is the Best Air Conditioner? - Falling Star HVAC

What is the Best Air Conditioner?

“I need a new A/C unit. What is the best air conditioner?”

What Is The Best Air Conditioner? - Falling Star Hvac
What Is The Best Air Conditioner? – Falling Star Hvac

This is a great question, and the answer may surprise you. Whenever people ask us, what is the best air conditioner, we always tell the same thing: it depends on what you’re looking for! Believe us when we say: the last thing you want is cookie cutter cooling solution. Not all air conditioners are created equal. And while there are some great, reliable brands and units out there, there are no “universally” great air conditioners.

So, in this blog post, we won’t just answer the question, what is the best air conditioner? Instead, we’ll answer an even better question: what is the best air conditioner for me? Then, we’ll talk about how you can chat with an HVAC expert and weigh your best options for free!


First, what is the best air conditioner for an apartment? 

If you live in an apartment, then you may feel somewhat limited when it comes to air conditioning. Maybe you’re at the mercy of your apartment building’s A/C, or maybe your building has no air conditioning whatsoever! Either way, you deserve to be comfortable in your own home. While this may come as a surprise to some: you do have options!

So, what is the best air conditioner for an apartment?

One of the best units for apartments is the portable air conditioner. It’s compact, and you can bring it with you anywhere. Set it by your desk, your bed, your couch — wherever you’d like! You’ll love having your own personal source of A/C in a compact, versatile package.

Another great unit for apartments is ductless air conditioners. These units are slightly less compact than the portable, but are much more powerful and do not require any ductwork in order to function.


What is the best air conditioner for an average sized house? 

Central air conditioning is by far one of the best options for an average sized house. But what is the best air conditioner for a larger home with several rooms and floors? If you feel that you need more air conditioning because of your home’s size, layout, or other reasons, then we would recommend purchasing a portable unit for those warmer rooms in your home. That way, you’ll have fresh blasts of A/C wherever and whenever you want!


What is the best air conditioner for a commercial building? 

Be they large or small, commercial buildings can be difficult to cool. Because of this, choosing a commercial air conditioning unit can be stressful.

If you have a smaller commercial building, then you can probably get away with central A/C if you have the ductwork already in place. However, if your building is much larger and more complex, then we would recommend getting a variable refrigerant flow system (VRF). These units are best suited for large commercial spaces.


Speak with an HVAC professional for free about your A/C!  

If you’re new to this blog series, we’re a team of HVAC experts based in Colorado Springs. If you’re a homeowner or business owner in central Colorado, then we’d love to help you find the perfect air conditioner for your home or office! Request your free quote today to speak with an HVAC professional!  

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